80s Tribute Band Atlanta

Georgia, you have the greatest 80’s Tribute Band right here in Atlanta!  The 80ATORS rocks outstanding performances over and over again. 80s Tribute Band Atlanta

          The 80ATORS is genuinely interested in making your event to most exciting, thrilling, electrifying, awesome, totally tubular Celebration, Dudes & Dudettes!

Come enjoy the Heat with this Hot set of dynamic players. Above all, they will lift your spirits and spark that beast inside you that returns from “I Want My MTV!” 

          Know that you are receiving personal attention to your event when working with Rick, the manager, hand in hand to comprise the perfect event entertainment. Above all, Rick treats you like you are family.

          Want an explosion that will get you telling your friends long after you hear them, Hire The 80ATORS!  Their mission is Rock Your Socks Off and leave you feeling Rejuvenated and Alive ! After that, people will be talking about your event for a long time to come.

          With the 80ATORS’ openness to draw in crowd participation, your guests feel part of the personal entertainment.  However, DJ’s cannot give what the Live 80ATORS give.

Need a Band For Your Event or Party?

          The Band spends considerable time focusing on their sound and mix to give you the ideal party.  However, It’s an easy band to work with, help you liven your event, and throw you back to the Rockin’ 80’s!

          However, Do you need to return to the exciting 80’s rock scene? Therefore, The 80ATORS will take you there. For instance, you will wonder why you hadn’t gone back sooner.

80s Tribute Band Atlanta
80s Tribute Band Atlanta

Flip on that big, poofy hair, slap on a Member’s Only jacket, wear some Michael Jackson garbs, start talking “Awesome”, “Like Wow”, “Oh My Gosh”, “Narly”, “Spendicular”, and get your Totally Tubular self out to hear The 80ATORS! Follow us on FaceBook .

After that, relive your favorite 80’s music and 80’s movies; you know you’ve been wanting to but have been putting it off!  Now’s the time! Book at 80ators.com/booking . In Conclusion, Rick can help you with any questions you have or anything you need. Contact The 80ators today!

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