Client Questionnaire

1. Please include your event date and briefly describe your event theme. (Company party, municipal celebration, family birthday, anniversary, etc.) If it has a name included in print or broadcast advertising, please include the event name: *
2. What time does your event begin? (Not the THE 80ATORS performance, but your event): *
3. What time can THE 80ATORS have access to the stage (stage already leveled and covered)? THE 80ATORS needs at least 90 minutes to place gear, cables, sound cabinets, etc. before SOUND CHECK: *
4. What time can we start SOUND CHECK? We need ONE HOUR for sound check prior to the show. Please remember that this is done at performance volume, so plan this time with your event attendees in mind. Sound check will end one hour after it begins: *
5. What time will THE 80ATORS begin performing?: *
6. What time will THE 80ATORS finish performing?: *
7. What is the full address and ZIP code of the venue?: *
8. Please provide full name and cell phone number of the ON-SITE person authorized to make last-minute decisions, solve on location problems and be in charge of any volume conflicts from audience or clientele during performance: *
9. Will a dressing room be provided? Please briefly describe.
10. What type of food and drink will be provided? Please briefly describe.:
11. Will you be able to provide a trash receptacle behind the stage for the band?
12. Please give general description of venue (approximate size if indoors), and approximate number of attendees. Include name of building or facility, if applicable.:
13. Please describe the parking arrangements for up to six vehicles and one trailer.:
14. Please describe the access and approach to the stage (distance from parking, ramps, elevators, grassy hills, how many stairs, etc):
15. Is there any other entertainment scheduled (keynote speakers, auctions, awards, other bands, videos, etc)?:
16. What type ofl wardrobe would you like the band to wear? (We usually wear 80’s type outfits):
17. 80's Genres You Would Like To Hear Mostly: (Ex. Pop, Rock, New Wave... Give examples of songs if you like.)
18. What is your policy regarding band spouses’ attendance?:
19. What is the name of the person completing this questionnaire? *
20. What is the mailing address of the person completing this questionnaire? *
21. What is the phone number of the person completing this questionnaire? *
21. What is the email address of the person completing this questionnaire? *
22. Do you have any questions that have not been answered so far?
23. Please Type The Following Verification Code in the Box Below It: